Check! Most Searched Content on YouTube

Most Searched Content on YouTube

At present, the YouTube platform has rivaled television, in fact, it can even be said that it has beaten the popularity of television in the field of audio-visual entertainment. Why is that? On YouTube, we can access all kinds of videos that we want to watch, even more than that, we can also watch videos that we have watched over and over again, because YouTube provides easy access for that, as long as the internet quota is sufficient.

Most Searched Content on YouTube

Most Searched Content on YouTube

Whereas on television, we can only watch it once without being able to replay it ( not including subscription TV ), so that way if we miss or don't watch a program on television, then we cannot replay the program. As a result, in order to watch a program that was missed on television, we are forced to open YouTube to re-watch it, because usually, a TV program will upload its program after broadcasting it on television. That is why it is said that YouTube has beaten the popularity of television.

Because YouTube is very popular and open to the public, it's no wonder that many people often upload videos to YouTube, but with the condition that they have to follow the rules on YouTube. Don't be as free as it is open to the public, instead upload videos that are horrible, nudity, and other negative things, because YouTube will take strict action against these videos by deleting them.

Ok straight to the point. Right now there are lots of people who are struggling in the world of YouTube, not just young people, but even old people who want to exist in this world of entertainment. Those who upload videos to YouTube have their own goals, some are just for fun, some want to be famous, some want to share information, some want to make money from YouTube, and various other goals. But the most popular is wanting to get money from YouTube. Yes, we both understand, YouTube is not just for watching and uploading videos, but can be used as an investment in the future with the hope of being able to become passive income.

But before making YouTube a place to earn money. We have to create a YouTube channel that can bring in a lot of viewers. Well, this is what we will discuss more deeply. To get an audience, what needs to be considered is the video content that we upload, whether it is useful or not, and whether it is entertaining or not.

Content is the most important thing on YouTube, before we create a YouTube channel, we must think about what content we will include on our channel. And we have to think about it carefully. Don't bother creating video content, when it's uploaded on YouTube no one is watching.

There is a lot of content that we can choose to fill in the videos on the channel we want to create. But before that, we will discuss why people watch YouTube, this aims to make our beliefs even stronger in determining what content to choose, with the hope that the selected content will be searched by many people on YouTube. 

The analogy is much searched for = watched a lot. That way, if the content is searched for on YouTube, the videos we automatically make with the content that is much sought after as the benchmark, then viewers will easily find our videos.  

Why Do People Watch YouTube?

1. YouTube is more than TV

It is indeed true to say. As stated in the first two paragraphs, YouTube can watch various kinds of videos and watch them repeatedly. But not only that, we can also express opinions or provide input by commenting on the video being watched. If on TV we can only grumble incoherently while watching a program. It can be said that YouTube is more than TV.

2. Entertainment

Entertainment on TV is currently less attractive. It could even be said to be less educational, but not all are like that. So, in this way, people will turn to YouTube just to find entertainment. On YouTube there are lots of entertainment videos that you can watch, these entertainment videos are usually comedies and also vlogs.

3. References

This reference has a lot of scope. Like tutorials, the latest info, and more. Surely those who watch YouTube because they want to find references want to add more insight. Because using video and audio references will be easier to understand than just using text.

So that's the reason why people watch YouTube. Actually, with the reasons above, we can already judge which video content is most searched for on YouTube. OK, to be more competent, I will provide a list of the most searched video content on YouTube.

Most searched content on YouTube

1. Tutorials

We can refer to the reasons why people watch youtube. The reason is that they are looking for references, those references can be in the form of video tutorials. Why do I put video tutorial content in the first position, the logic is that people will always be looking for something they are not good at, well, that way they will click on the YouTube search field and type in a video tutorial keyword that they want to deepen or learn.

For example, you want to make pineapple cakes, but you lack experience or expertise there. Then you will open YouTube and click the search button and then type in the keyword "how to make pineapple cakes"   then automatically all videos about tutorials on making pineapple cakes will appear. 

Video tutorials are unique because the nature of these videos is timeless, which means that people will never be searched for, there will definitely be people looking for video tutorial content.

2. Product reviews

Most people will not buy a product before they first see a review, that is usually because they don't want to be disappointed with the shortcomings of a product.

An example of a product review video is someone discussing a product or service they used, what their experience was like, and whether or not they would recommend it. 

Pasi many people are looking for product review video content. The reason is that they want to know what other people think about products that interest them.

3. Comedy

Everyone loves to laugh! This reinforces that comedy video content is much sought after on YouTube. According to research, comedy videos are videos that have the strongest candidate to go viral. 

Quite a few people make comedies and sketch videos to make their audiences laugh. Some comedy YouTube channels have more viewers than television comedy shows.

4. Vlogs

Vlogs are indeed sought after and watched a lot, but vlog content is not recommended for less well-known people. Because usually people will look for and watch vlogs from people who are already famous, such as vlogs from famous artists and other famous people. But don't rule out the possibility for you to try it.

5. Games

Game content is almost the same as vlogs, not intended for beginner YouTubers. Because viewers who are looking for videos with this content will not look at videos from people who are not yet famous, they will look more at great gamers who are already famous.

However, if you create video game content in a different format, such as playing games with super high graphics that are rarely played by other people, maybe that will open up the possibility that your video will be watched. But the point is that video game content is indeed much sought after on YouTube.

6. Education

The actual educational content of the tutorial is almost the same, but I will separate them. Because if in the tutorial it goes deeper into working on an object, while in education it is more about how to understand a learning problem.

This is also content that is much sought after on YouTube. There are three ways of learning, by seeing, by hearing, and by doing something (practice). Maybe we have often used these three methods, but we rarely encounter them in learning in school classes by combining these three methods.

Well, on YouTube we can find these three ways combined. 

7. Pranks

Actually, pranks are included in the entertainment category, but I separate them so that I can explore more. The prank may be the last video content that is much searched for on YouTube. On average, these videos are entertaining, but sometimes they can annoy you. 

And with this content, it's pretty good for beginner YouTubers, because prank content doesn't look at whether you're already famous or not, what you see from prank content is how your prank videos go well, are funny, entertaining, and tense.

That is the most searched video content on YouTube. I'm sure those who read this article are beginners to the world of YouTube, so they must be confused about choosing content. If I may give a suggestion, choose content suitable for beginner YouTubers or unfamiliar terms, such as a tutorial, educational, or prank content. Because the content doesn't look at who you are, it doesn't matter if you are already famous or not, but what matters is the quality of the videos you make. 

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