Heidi Montag Shares How She Became the ‘Best Version’ of Herself After Welcoming Baby No. 2

Celebrity mom Heidi Montag, known for her role on "The Hills," is sharing her post-pregnancy fitness journey and how she's prioritizing health and wellness. After welcoming her son Ryker in November 2022, Montag has not only focused on regaining her strength but also on creating a balanced and healthy lifestyle for herself and her family. In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, Montag opened up about her fitness routine, diet, and the role of Hydroxycut in her wellness journey.


Heidi Montag Shares How She Became the ‘Best Version’ of Herself After Welcoming Baby No. 2
Heidi Montag Shares How She Became the ‘Best Version’ of Herself After Welcoming Baby No. 2

Post-Pregnancy Fitness and Empowerment:


Motivated by the lessons learned after her first pregnancy, Montag understood the importance of regaining strength early on to prevent back problems. With determination, she embarked on a fitness journey to become the "best version" of herself. Montag emphasizes the significance of incorporating workouts into her routine to maintain physical well-being, and she has found empowerment in lifting weights three to five times a week.


Hydroxycut and Healthy Living:


As a busy mom of two, Montag recognized the need for an additional boost to support her post-birth transformation. She turned to Hydroxycut, a weight loss supplement that not only aids in weight management but also includes essential multivitamins. Montag appreciates the energy it provides, helping her navigate the demands of motherhood and stay active throughout the day.


Balanced Lifestyle:


Montag's commitment to a healthy lifestyle extends beyond supplements. She places a strong emphasis on consuming the "healthiest possible food" and engaging in diverse physical activities. From weightlifting to hiking and playing soccer with her children, Montag's approach to wellness reflects a holistic commitment to both mental and physical health.


Family Values:


Montag and her husband, Spencer Pratt, are setting an example for their children by prioritizing health and fitness. The couple encourages a balanced approach, promoting healthy eating habits while allowing their kids to enjoy childhood experiences. Montag believes in striking a balance, avoiding deprivation while instilling a foundation of nutritional awareness in her children.


Supportive Partner:


Acknowledging the importance of a supportive partner, Montag shares how Pratt has embraced his health journey alongside hers. While they once had a competitive spirit in the gym, Pratt now encourages Montag to focus on her workouts, affirming that it's her time. This support has been instrumental in Montag's ability to dedicate time to herself while juggling the responsibilities of motherhood.




Heidi Montag's post-baby fitness journey reflects a commitment to holistic health, encompassing physical activity, nutritional choices, and a supportive lifestyle. By sharing her experiences, Montag inspires others to prioritize their well-being and embrace a balanced approach to health, demonstrating that achieving one's best self is an empowering and ongoing process.

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